Judging a quality lawn service: A checklist (Subtitle: Shameless self-promotion)

Lawn care companies in Lexington are a dime a dozen. I never realized how many there were until I decided to go into the turf management business. Now, I notice pickup trucks hauling trailers carrying mowers, trimmers and garden tools at almost every stoplight. It would be preposterous for me to suggest only Fayette Lawn Care offers high-quality service in Lexington. However, I’ve paid attention to the competition. I know my own skills, and I feel confident and qualified to post this checklist to guide you, the consumer, to select a quality lawn service – whether it’s Fayette Lawn Care or someone else.

1)      Is the business fully licensed? Is it registered with the Secretary of State’s Office and does it have a local business license? A lawn care company that refuses to pay the fees to be licensed demonstrates an arrogance for following rules. If the business refused to apply for a license, question whether it will also thumb its nose at other rules. Fayette Lawn Care is an LLC, registered with the state and licensed by the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government.

2)      Has the lawn care business obtained liability insurance? If not, you are not protected if someone cutting grass or trimming your lawn hits a rock and sends it through your window, or worse still, hits a person walking or playing nearby. A lawn care business that has not obtained liability insurance is either making a statement that your safety isn’t worth the cost of the premiums, or the business owner is naïve in thinking such an incident can’t or won’t happen to him or her. Fayette Lawn Care has a million dollar liability policy for your protection.

3)      Does the owner show up at the work site? Some larger lawn care businesses are owned by an individual who hires workers to do the heavy work while he or she sits behind a desk in an air conditioned office. I’ve decided I can’t run a quality lawn care business behind a desk, so regardless how much this company might grow, you will always find me out working to make your lawns look their best. That’s what gives me the greatest satisfaction.

4)      Does the lawn care business use high-quality equipment? You can tell a lot about a worker by the tools he or she uses. That’s true in any line of work. Fayette Lawn Care uses commercial-grade Exmark and Echo lawn equipment. We’ve invested in premium equipment because we know we’re only as good as the tools we use.

5)      What does the business owners own yard look like? Tell the owner you would like to drive by his or her home to see firsthand what the owner’s lawn looks like. What does he or she say? You have a standing invitation to see my property. I take great pride in making my yard look as good as any in the neighborhood. The standard I have set for my yard is no less than the standard I would use for yours. If a lawn care provider’s own property looks rough, why should you expect him or her to do a better job on your lawn?

6)      Does the business’s representatives look professional? Cutting lawns can be hot, and I’ll be the first to concede that I don’t look as good by noon as I did at the start of the day. However, I see lawn care workers who look shabby, and it has nothing to do with working in steamy conditions. Not suggesting that people working in the lawn care industry should dress in Armani suits, but I do believe you can judge a lawn care business, at least in part, on the appearance of its employees. When I’m out for the day, I bring a change of work clothes and I try to look professional no matter how hot and miserable the weather gets. At the very least, it should raise a red flag anytime the people cutting your grass don’t show any pride in their appearances.

7)      Does the business pay attention to details? I’ve learned that no matter what kind of work someone does, the professional will pay attention to every detail. Those who do only what’s needed are lazy and careless. The lawn care professional will double check a yard before leaving to ensure nothing’s been missed.  Fayette Lawn Care will always strive to meet or exceed your expectations and will pay attention to even the smallest details.

8)      Does the lawn care provider rush to get in and out as quickly as possible? Work is not a race. As a consumer, there are some things that I want done as quickly as possible. An oil change. My meal at a fast-food restaurant.  My dry cleaning. Cutting grass does not fall into this category. However, when I see a lawn service racing across someone’s yard like they’re at the Daytona 500, I realize they are only interested in getting finished as quickly as possible so they can cut as many lawns as possible before the day’s over. In other words, they are more concerned about making money than making sure the job’s done well. Fayette Lawn Care might not be the fastest lawn care provider in Lexington. We’d rather spend a little extra time and do the job right than to try to break a speed record.

9)      How much does the lawn care business know about, well, lawn care? Anyone can buy a lawn mower and with minimal training cut your grass. When it comes to lawn care, mowing is just scratching the surface. You deserve accurate, objective information from a lawn care authority. If the person you’re paying to cut your grass doesn’t know the difference between bluegrass and fescue, or what time of day to water your grass, why are you paying as much as you would pay a quality lawn care provider who knows the answers? Fayette Lawn Care will not only cut your grass and get your lawn looking its best, we’ll be glad to share our expertise with you without charging you any more. Feel free to stop and talk to us about your lawn.

10)  Does the lawn care provider pressure you to pay for extra services? There’s nothing wrong with a lawn care service advising clients to fertilize or winterize. If you’re our client, it would be negligent of us not to suggest ways you can make your lawn look its best. However, we’ll do it without pressuring you. If your lawn needs fertilizer or crabgrass killer, we’ll suggest it, but we’ll never pressure you to buy something you don’t want. Image

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